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Who we are?

Two Dolphins is a brand new immersive events company based in London. We create intricate nights that fuse fine dining, live music, and interactive theatre.
We have a simple vision: to provide people with events that they have never been to, for nights they will never forget, at an affordable price. We are devout advocates of the value of organised fun.
Fusing things that you didn't even know could fuse, we are the Heston Blumenthals of the events industry. Murder Mystery Batmitzvah? Powerleague Parents Evening? 'Bring Your Grandma to' Date Night? If you can't imagine it, we will make it happen.
We have a long-term vision for the future of events. To create the right atmosphere, where people can have a fun and unique experience and be in the rare frame of mind and environment to meet new people and really connect; a dynamic that is too often lost in day-to-day life. 
Our events create unique spaces to meet your fellow Londoners. Long gone are the days of dinner parties with the same people week in week out. Gone are the naff disco ball dance floors and hotel lobbies. We guarantee you event spaces you won't have come across, new areas of the city to explore, new people to meet, and nights you won't expect. 
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